Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What is Bluegrass By Bike (BBB) all about?

Bluegrass By Bike is a way to attend Planet Bluegrass festivals by a completely carbon-neutral mode of transportation. Our team of bikers can avoid all carbon emissions by peddling ourselves through the Rocky Mountains. Our plan is to leave from Boulder in late May, allowing three weeks to get to Telluride Bluegrass Festival, and then make our way back to Lyons in time for Rockygrass.

First and foremost, BBB is about experiencing the beauty of the Rockies by mountain biking to the best folk and bluegrass festivals in the western United States! But this is also about embodying the Planet Bluegrass philosophy of a “Greener Bluegrass Festival.” Instead of buying renewable energy credits, we will be our own source of renewable energy!

We encourage anyone that is interested in BBB to get involved! Are you going to any of these festivals? How will you be traveling to the festivals? Have you thought about ways to reduce your automobile miles in your commute to the festivals?

Let us know if you have any questions, thoughts, or comments about BBB. You can post on our Blog, or feel free to email us at BluegrassByBike@gmail.com.

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Bob said...

Hey there Belgium Brewing!

I can't believe it, this is exactly what I plan to be doing at least part of this summer... Biking to music festivals, and I do plan on attending my 15th TBF this year by bicycle! (but it was a hell of a time getting town park camping this year).

I have the beginnings of my "Pedalin' till my Grass is Blue" bicycle journal posted at BikeTheEarth.com, a link that points to my journal on a fantastic website that is full of bicycle journals from around the world (CrazyGuyOnaBike.com)

I can certainly chime in and say Bike Touring is the way to go! I did a bike tour 22 years ago, and now, at the age of 55, I am back into touring again! I have taken two trips to New Zealand, cycling around and around the Islands, really getting to know our Earth and the great people out there that you meet. Cycling brings you so much closer and makes you so much more approachable for strangers, you almost can't help from having a great time.

The benefits to the environment and one's own health, and even the fact you can travel loing distances by bicycle is just absolutely cool!

I hope to run into you guys while I'm tooling around Colorado by bicycle. I won't be there for RockyGrass, but certainly I will be chugging up Dallas Divide to the Fred Shellman Stage!!!

I have other one big question, not to do with cycling at all, when are we going to see Fat Tire beer up here in New Hampshire!

Have fun!