Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Una Buena Vista Indeed!

Hello from the road! The BBB team has arrived in Buena Vista, CO. Since our departure on Jun. 2nd, we made it out of the Front Range and into the beautiful Colorado interior. The bicycle pace allows for a great opportunity to take in the scenery along the ride, and it is most certainly a scenic tour! Heading out of Denver, the downhill into Morrison allowed for some great views of Red Rocks and a chance to cruise while gaining some miles. We linked up with US285 out of Morrison and stayed the course all the way into Buena Vista. Check out some of our photos from along the way at our Online Photo Album.

The 2nd day on the road brought a good chance to test our rain gear - it works! Biking through hail teaches the importance of helmets and waterproof layers, and while it may be summer the nights are still cold in Colorado. This tour pits humans against nature via the mechanical bicycle. We are constantly striving to strike the balance with the elements to make for a safe and spectacular bike tour. Undoubtedly we must encounter the full force of Colorado - both in beauty and in fury - but these challenges make the reward all the more enjoyable.

Our team has been enjoying the benefits of hammock camping because it not only allows for easy camp set up, but it is also an extremely low-impact means of camping. Hammocks rejuvenate the muscles and embodies the minimalist camping style of our bike tour. This tour would be nearly impossible without the freedom that comes with hammock camping.

We rode into Buena Vista to meet up with our friend Ryan, a raft guide and skilled photographer. We camped outed in Cogan's Campground - the raft guide haven - outside of Johnson's Village, yet we have encountered a late season snow storm. Our departure from Buena Vista will be delayed a day, for none of us wish to cross the Continental Divide in a snow storm. 4,000 ft. elevation gain from Buena Vista to Cottonwood Pass is daunting enough - we'll wait for the "winter" storm to pass. With our extra day off we will recharge our minds, bodies, and souls at the Cottonwood Hot Springs and then press on towards beautiful Telluride for the grand Solstice celebration!

Thanks for checking in on us. We'll update when we get another chance at the internet. In the meantime keep it green, and keep sending us the good vibes.

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Cynthia said...

Matt, We received your post card today and I think you must have the gypsy spirit from the Eliot side of the family! Hugs to you and your team and keep on with your adventure, keep safe, have fun and most importantly remember that time is precious. Stop and enjoy... We will be praying for you along your journey and now we have a way to check in and see the site's as you do... thanks for taking us along for the ride with the pictures. Especially those of us old foggies who can't even get on a bike any more :) Love ya bunches... Aunt Cynthia, Uncle Bob, Devin and Austin